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Randall Grubbs
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Help - Tranny switchover valve

I've got a '94 E500. 2 weeks ago I noticed my transmission shifting differently. When taking off from a light or driving around a parking lot with low load light throttle input the car seems to not want to shift up. Its like when the engine is still cold and the upshifts are delayed but not quite that bad.

Yesterday I got on the freeway and was cruising along at 60 when I noticed I was in third gear. I shifted to neutral and back to D and then it went to fourth. Can't reproduce it today.

I checked vacuum lines to tranny and they both hold vacuum (2 I think). I checked the kickdown switch and it seems to be working.
Alldata shows a "switchover valve" that is controlled by the LH control module and when energized, allows vacuum to reach the tranny and delay upshifts. I assume this is for the delayed upshifts when the engine is cold. I pulled the plug on the unit and found continuity with the engine off (on the connector, not the solenoid).

Does anybody know or can anybody do the same and tell me if they get continuity across this connector (wire side that goes back to the LH module). The solenoid it connected to is in the engine compartment on the driver's side firewall back behind the brake booster. Its easy to see and the connector (at least in my car) has a brown wire and a red wire with green stripe.

Any help appreciated,

'94 E500
'00 S500
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