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Sorry, but if there is a reference to the radiator itself, it is in one of the PDF files which are graphics-based.

You may have to wait till I OCR them, but even if I get started this weekend, I do not know how long it will take to do them, since there are literally thousands to do.

OCR is a relatively slow process, since the software has to recognize a 'picture' of a given graphic character, then decide what character the 'picture' represents.

After all the characters in a file have been 'recognized', the system does a 'spell-check' to detect the presence of a 'invalid' character that would cause the word to be 'misspelled', like interpreting the character 'K' as an 'l' and a '<', causing 'Kitchen' to be spelled as 'l
Each time an invalid character is detected, the software has to stop for a human's intervention.

I'll see what I can do this weekend.
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