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Re: 2002 W210 key question

Originally posted by DTF
A friend of mine at work just bought a 2002 E320. He asked me if the battery on the key goes dead will the car still run once he uses the metal key to get in and puts the key in the ignition. Doesn't the car continuously looks for a reponse code from they key to make sure it is the right one? Also he doesn't think that the dash is real leather. Is it?
1. Tell him to read the owner's manual, front to back, back to front, and then one more time for luck. It's all explained in there about how the keys work. The SmartKey needs no internal power to start the car. Look at the flat key. No battery.

2. No real leather on the dash, unless it's been changed since 1998. I think the W211 might have some, and the R230 has tons.
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