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No. All W124's share the same windshield except maybe the convertible and coupe.

My 300TE and 500E share the same MB PN#124.670.33.01

Ask the dealer who they outsource the installation of windshields to. Call them up yourself. You should ask the dealer who they take their body work to. Ask this body shop, who does their Mercedes windshield installation.

Ask the potential installer(s) if they use the required clips (use NEW ones, pn# 124.988.98.78) and adhesive; and ask them how long before you can drive your car.

If they say "what clips" and/or say anything less than waiting 10-12 hrs (24 hrs is best), they are most likely NOT the most experienced Mercedes glass installer.

Ask another dealer parts guy for a reference as well.

Your windshield is an integral part of the rigidity of the roof, and if not properly installed and/or given time to dry, you will hear wind noise and/or have water leaks.

I like Sekurit and Siglia which are OEMs for MB.

If your friend's or your insurance company is paying for it insist on GERMAN glass which has less optical distortion and better fit than aftermarket glass (except perhaps PPG).

:-) neil
1988 360TE AMG
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