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I'm sorry to see that others have had similar experiences to mine regarding these cars.

My C240 was a GREAT car when sitting behind the wheel (as long as there was nothing wrong with it that day.) With only a 2.6 engine, it would pin you back in the seat, was quiet, fuel efficient, great handling, smooth, fun, etc.,

I got rid of it just as it was coming out of warranty. The list of problems I experienced is too long to put here. The last straw was a rear window that stayed down on an August day causing my family and myself to drive home about 130 miles with no a/c and 101 degrees outside.

I loved driving that car, but it was a frustrating ownership experience.

BTW, a dipstick could be bought for the car. As I recall it cost about $70 and was sold as a tool. I didn't buy one and it never posed a problem. The mechanicals of the engine are fabulous and it used no oil at all. The computer measurement worked quite nicely.
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