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yeah I will be dropping it off at my mech and picking it up on weds. I'm going to have him check out my starting issues, because lately its getting harder and harder to start. I am running some techron through right now per my mechs instructions, using a bottle of techron to 1/4 tank of chevron supreme. he says to do it this way to get maximum cleaning. I plan on using another bottle too afterwards. He says also to drive to near empty when doing this.

He will be checking out my fuel pump check valve and my pumps to make sure they are ok, and my cold start injector or valve or whatever it is, to see if it has a leak or something causing the car to be hard to start.

It seems to me like the fuel pumps are getting tired, because it doesn't seem like its getting fuel right away when you atrt it.

Anyway, I will be leaving the car at his shop when I get it done because Of the waiting period. No biggie, I can drive my brothers car if I need to, or my dad's range rover if I really need it.

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