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Originally Posted by Squabble View Post
i'm trying to get this project done and i have two questions for anyone who has done this:

1. are the two "ramps" that are cut out of the donor car completely, 100% necessary for the functionality of the manual sunroof? is there any way to avoid using them? i don't have them, nor do i have a rotary cutter like that or a riveter...

2. the two black "rails" shown in picture 1 at the very top of the picture of all parts needed from the donor manual car are never described or referred to in the write up. what are they and do i need them? was it just a mis-photographed item that doesn't belong or am i missing something?

i've got everything else i need that came off of a donor car that i think someone did this to before. i don't see those ramps anywhere...

The ramps are necessary; they hold the rear of the panel up when closed. They also adjust the rear height of the panel.

The "rails" are also necessary. They not only hold the side felt seals against the edge of the SR opening, the rear stops are flush riveted to them as well. You could use the original rails by deleting the electric stop and adding the manual stop, but it must flush riveted to the rail. There is no room for a pop rivet.

I would also recommend spot welding the ramps to the SR tray rather then riveting to avoid leaks. The welding can be done - carefully - without removing any of the headlinner.

Otherwise, nice tutorial.

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