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What's with this 95 C280 "Sport"?


This 1995 C280 Sport is my 190E 2.6 successor candidate right now. It's in the dark metallic blue, and has an "AMG" package to it. Problem is, I can't find any details about this package! People at the dealership can only tell me there was a Sport Pack from 1996 for the C280.

So what is this beauty that I am seeing? It's got chrome dual-tip exhaust, "AMG" skirts all around. Those amazing, amazing, 5-spoke AMG rims are what really got my attention. Other than that, the inside looks like a regular C280, no sport steering wheel, and it's still got chrome trim all around the outside. The car looks lower too. Is this just an "Appearance Package", or is the 1995 AMG Sport as legitimate (and well tuned) as the 93 Sportlines, or 1996 and newer Factory Sport Packages?

I know that in Europe there were C220 Sport going back to 1994, but this is Richmond, BC, Canada - fake import body-kit heaven.

Other things I noted were a "wheezing" engine, and dead front speakers. Could this be that infamous wiring harness? I'm going to check the service records next week. Car hasn't been driven much since the owner upgraded to a '02 C240.

Thanks for your input.
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