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Seem to recall reading a post here a good while back indicating that injectors needed to be bled down when replaced. Can't say I know this to be true.

Regarding the oil usage. We both have the same car minus 6 in. of rear leg room.

Just had head gasket, Infamous U-gasket at front of engine, timing cover reseal, valve cover gasket and valve stem seals redone. Tech was of the Brotherton philosophy that guides should be changed only if they are worn and not as a maint. item.
My guides were fine according to my tech.

Prior to this surgery, I had no oil on my plugs and was using approx. 1 qt. every 1,000 miles. Oil was dripping on floor from passenger side of head and there was a mess around the U-gasket.

After 1,300 miles, oil usage is ZERO.
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