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DIY Wheel Bearings (W126)

My buddy and I are going to do a brake job on the 560SEL in about a month. Pads, front rotors, brake hoses, ABS sensors etc.

I was told that I might as well replace the wheel bearings as well, but recently read some posts that if you're not sure what you're doing -- leave it to the experts.

My buddy has done bearings (not MBs) and is a competent DIY'er in general. Would I still be foolish to tackle this ourselves? From what I understand I'll need a dial gauge to set preload, but also that many people do it by backing off the axle nut a set amount or by feel. Off hand, what does the gauge need to be set to for the W126? Didn't see it in on the service CD (at least not yet).

Thanks for any advice or info!
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