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Originally Posted by Barike View Post
Well... I hate to have to make this post... But what do you all think would get me the most money out of Cacela? Should I finish getting her on the road although not in tip top shape... Or part her out...

I need all the money I can get I'm really needing at least $2500... Hoping to be able to get a fair bit more...
Price has absolutely NOTHING to do with YOUR need for money and EVERYTHING to do with the condition of the car AND your ability to find a buyer. There are sub $2,500 SDs on craigslist all the time. At $2500, they are re-listed as they have obviously not sold. Cars in really good shape are listed for up to $5,000. I'm not sure what they actually sell for.

What is wrong with yours & where are you located? Does climate and air work? What about windows, roof, radio, rear window rust? Interior good with seats not sagging? How is the paint?
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