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OFFICIAL 3rd Annual Shop Forum GTG and Tech Session (TX, OK, LA, AR)

November 21 and 22 2009
10:00 AM - 3:00 PM each day

New location..........

Tire City
407 S. HWY. 37
Mt Vernon, TX 75457
(903) 537-3818
Weather forcast:

We are preparing for the OFFICIAL 3rd Annual Shop Forum GTG and Tech Session (TX, OK, LA, AR).
The new location is in the city of Mount Vernon, TX.
It is a much nicer building with more inside bays, hoists, and paved parking.

Bring your cameras!!!
Everyone needs to be aware that this is a TWO DAY tech session, both days will be busy.
This primarily a diesel workshop/tech session/crawl-under-your-car-and-get-greasy kinda thing!

7:00 p.m., Saturday, Texas barbecue dinner with all the fixings, plus lemonade and iced tea. dinner at Texas Barbeque Corral @ 201 I-30 W, on the southern service road. There may be music, there may not be -- one never knows about that, but the food is fabulous!
(I will find out if alcohol can be brought into the restaurant, but they definitely don't serve it. High ethanol beverages are BYOB -- this is a dry area, and the nearest package store is 10 miles east of the shop, on I-30, in Winfield.)

10 a.m., Sunday, Sweet rolls, donuts, coffee, and the tech sessions continue at Tire City.
3 p.m., Sunday, Farewells as everyone hits the road for home, greasy and happy!!

Winnsboro is about halfway between Dallas and Texarkana, about 15 miles south of I-30, deep in the piney woods of East Texas.
It’s convenient to Dallas and Fort Worth, and easily accessible to folks in Oklahoma, Arkansas, and Louisiana as well.
We've invited the Texas MBCA clubs, as well as ones in adjacent states.
The temperature has dropped, so it looks like we'll have autumn color like you rarely see outside of New England, with native sweet gums, maples, persimmons, and other colorful foliage against the backdrop of pine and cedar.
Gentle hills, winding country roads, abundant wildlife, and around 10 area lakes complete the beautiful scenery.
For our loving and tolerant significant others, there is ample antique shopping.
There’s evening entertainment available in the form of a “coffeehouse” with live music and Lou Viney's, Winnsboro’s own winery outlet, has live jazz and other great music.

Bring your cars + extra parts to swap or sell, and your tools for a great weekend.
MARK YOUR TOOLS – sorting out whose sockets are whose is beyond annoying, we want to spend our time learning and doing, not wrangling over a wrench! Looking forward to seeing everyone there!!

Tech Session Registration:
$30.00 per family for two days, November 21 and 22 2009. 10:00 AM - 3:00 PM
$20.00 for returning Dieselheads.
Note: Please bring folding chairs for your own comfort.
Otherwise, plan to be on your feet.
Coffee, donuts, pizza (lunch), and 1 BBQ dinner included..

******* How to Register ***********

:UPDATE 11-14-2009:
PLEASE Pay your registration at the door.
It is too late to use snail mail.

Check in with Steve when you arrive.
For questions, directions, regrets, or anything else (903) 537-3818 and ask for Roy Hunter.
Please leave a short message if I am not available.

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