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1984 190e Tranny ???

I am wondering what the gear shifts in the automatic transmission should feel like. right not it is quite disconcercing at each shift, on acceleration the car feels as though it is being kicked and there 2 jerks in the cars movement, almost as though there is play in the drive shaft between the trnny and diff.and whn the tranny shifts it falls behind the roataing speed of the diff. The car has 94600 miles on it and from looking through the maintaince records for the car I do not know when the fluid and filter for the tranny were last changed. could changine the transnssion fluid and filter be causing these hards shifts? and would changint teh stuff possibly remedy the problems? could this poor shifting be a symptom of a serious tranny problem that is just waiting for the absolute worst time to show itself?

Thanks for any and all help on this.
190e 2.3L
107000 miles
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