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Angry Help! 450SL compressor swap out

My 1977 450SL is my daily driver. This weekend I decide, finally, that I *need* my A/C to work. My problem all ready had been diagnosed as a compressor leak, so I tried to swap it out with a new one I bought.

The Climate Control manual I have on CD lists a nice simple set of instructions: basically just remove the radiator, release the belt tensioner, crack open the pipes, separate them from the compressor, then unbolt the compressor carrier and pull it out.

My problem is simply HOW DO YOU GET AT THOSE STUPID BOLTS???? I can't figure out a way to get an angle that will let me slap a wrench or my rachet on the 15 mm bolt on the back of the compressor that holds the pipes in place, or on the two front 13 mm bolts that hold the compressor carrier in place. Any who have done this job know what else I need to remove to have a clean shot at these critters?

82 300 SD
77 450 SL (gone)
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