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AC R&R successful + comments on design / '84 190E

I tackled the AC job after my compressor let go a few weeks and I am cool again. Cleaning out the old oil/debris is really, really, really time consuming. I now have a rebuilt R4 style compressor, receiver /dryer, expansion valve plus a multitude of new o-rings, and fresh oil.

I would like to know who was the sadist that designed the compressor seal-to-hose block assembly on this car! I had to use nail polish to glue the seals into the rear of the compressor to keep 'em on as to get the hose block through the hole on the carrier. Jeez. To make matters worse, a critical fastner (allen screw which holds bracket securing ac lines to engine) was stripped allowing no play on AC lines/block. I'm happy for the Benz owners from 85 & up as Mercedes switched to a differnet compressor.
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