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Hi Henry - If you read my post - I JUST thought of it - putting the filter in - I didn't put one in mine as I changed the fuel lines. Even if you can't see though a metal one - it will still filter out any dirt from your lines. Then, once in, if you use the fuel system cleaner in your gas tank and drive a couple of hundred miles - it will clean out your fuel delivery system and anything cleaned prior to the fuel distributor will be trapped by the new filter and the filter in the back of the car. Also any dirt in your injectors will be cleaned by this stuff and you should be OK. Very inexpensive to try compared to some of the things you can do and might solve your problem. Also -has you car been sitting for a long time(year or two or three) or has it been in continuous use for years. You must remember that at higher engine revs minor things will not show up as much as the more critical levels for a maintained slow speed idle. As I said before - don't start getting complicated until all SIMPLE things are tried. I do remember that when I put the fuel system cleaner stuff into the tank with my old lines - smoother idle did not occur until I had used about 1/2 a tank and after about 100 miles the missing returned. If you want a stonger solution for more cleaning power - add the stuff when you have about half a tank and drive it until near empty. The worst that could happen is nothing - the best is - the idle problem will be solved and with the added filter may not return - even if you leave the old lines in. What have you got to lose??
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