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Thanks Larry. You've restored my faith. lol :p

At least it was highway miles and the weather was mild.

I'm sure nothing bad resulted as a result of one 5,000 mile oil change.

FWIW, I've generally changed the oil in my cars at 3,000 miles, but after reading your posts on changing it hot and changing it often, I've moved my oil change interval on both of my cars down to 2,500 miles. I know it is probably excessive, but I enjoy doing it, I get pride of ownership, I feel that at any moment I can drive to New York and back (even though I probably never would), and it might give me the change to set a world record in total miles driven in a 300E.

You see from time to time the diesels going 500,000 miles or more, but I've yet to see a member post a 300E with this many miles. I know I'll have to rebuild the top end of the motor at least once, but I don't see any reason why the bottom end of the engine couldn't handle it. Never seen a bottem end fail on a Mercedes.
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