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300 SDl caliper problems

Allright let me begin. I diagnosed a bad caliper, leaking fluid, the front drivers side. Bought new ATE caliper from Oreillys, removed old caliper and reinstalled new caliper using brake pads from old caliper. Bled both front brakes plenty. Upon driving the car the front left tire was making noise, i.e. the new caliper was rubbing the side of the rotor. Took off caliper to inspect, re-bled the brakes and once again drove around the block only to experience the same thing. Upon installing the new caliper the wheel, rotor assembly was very hard to spin, wouldnt spin freely and took a great deal of pressure to rotate.

Now this morning in my haste to trouble shoot, I accidentally removed a bolt from steering linkage???? instead of caliper bolt, now the bolt holes are misaligned and the blot wont rethread it self. What do I do????

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