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W124 DIY Site?

What I miss is some sort of archive of how to do stuff, so I decided I'd take the time and try to gather articles and write some myself on various topics. W124 Tech Tips was born. Actually it's something I've done before to other cars I've had.

It's in a very early stage, but I hope it'll be something usefull for all the members here too. If you have ideas or want to contribute, that is most welcome. Have links to sites or articles? Sure, just let me know and I'll put them in there.

I am making a similar page for the W126 too, since I have one of those too. I don't know how different these cars are. Probably not much in general, so I might crosslink stuff where appropriate.

You can have a look at my older BMW E32 site which has a lot more articles and links to see how it could work. It can be found at:
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