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I did this project successfully as was mentioned above.

The "special tool" is only needed for the older (82 and earlier) transmissions as they have a 4-tab locknut on the output flange, and the newer transmissions use a 12 point 30mm socket, easier/cheaper to obtain. Since your SD is an '81 it will need the 4-tab style socket to remove the old nut. The replacement nut will be a 30mm 12point. Also needed will be a rear housing gasket, and a razor blade to get all remnants of the old gasket off the surfaces. The "special tool" can be borrowed possibly, or you can make getting metal pipe in the correct size of the nut, then cutting out the sections with an angle grinder to obtain an end with the 4 tabs that fit in the slots...then a pipe wrench can be used on the pipe to loosen the nut. I found it easier to find/borrow a proper socket....

After the rear output flanges on both units have been removed, the cover is unbolted and removed, then the internal parking prawl/speedo transmitter piece is swapped, with care to keep the original spacers intact and in the right places. The actual swap is pretty easy. Then just set the new gasket in place on the tabs, and tighten all the bolts in an alternating fashion to about 15-20nm.

So far I've driven a little over 2,200 miles with my converted 300D trans and it works great!

A search of the forum will reveal more in depth threads and explanations of the whole process.
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