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The installation is in the Star article I sent you, it is an easy job. You will need a female 'T' connector to tie into the economy guage vacuum line, and a female 'Y' connector to tie the 2 headlights together into 1 vacuum line that goes through the firewall by the instrument cluster. Also need about 4 male in line connectors, and a 1 way valve. There are 2 types of vacuum line - you do NOT want the large diameter black rubber tubing that takes the small male inline, Y and T connectors. You DO want the much smaller diameter (looks less than 1/4") white plastic tubing that plugs into the large rubberized inline, Y, and T connectors. Your dealer should have the parts if Fastlane doesn't.

An inline rubberized connector plugs onto the back of each Euro light. the White small guage tubing plugs into the inline connector/Euro light. The white tubing goes through the second firewall/heat-noise barrier through the built in rubber dams - you will see them next to the fenders at the top of this firewall. You punch through one of the holes made for passing through wires and tubing. The white tubing on the passenger side routes in front of the battery, and between the windshield and 2nd firewall, below the wiper, and comes out by the brake master cylinder. The drivers side comes through the firewall dam and meets at the master cylinder.

Add a large 'Y', and you are ready to pull your instrument cluster and light panel and finish up. Once they are pulled, from under the hood you will see a rubber dam in the primary firewall inboard of the Master cylinder - you can punch through one of the small holes and thread some white vacuum tubing through. Attach one end to the 'Y' under the hood. The vacuum switch that goes in the headlight switch panel is marked as to the source and the lights - the Star article describes it better. The one way valve goes between the levelling switch and the T you will install in the Economy guage vacuum line.

Sorry to be so long - the Star article will get you through the whole thing, and Stern's aiming instructions will get your lights alligned. Give me a call if you run into problems and we can set up a 'Euro vacuum switch and aiming' BBG!

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