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>they wanted to paint the exposed wires with liquid insulator but i stopped them and told them to just get a new harness.

Joe, I think you absolutely made the right decision on that one. Good instincts.

When the inside insulation starts decaying that badly, I can't imagine any way that one could treat it with spot fixes. There were places on this harness where the outer jacket looked perfect, but the wire sheaths inside were completely toast.

Anyone proposing a patch solution would have had to slit open every jacket in the harness, from end to end, simply in order to find out where the liquid needed to be applied.

And the repaired product still wouldn't have been up to factory spec for reliability and durability. Dr. Murphy says that when a component lets you down, it'll be on the proverbial dark rainy night in the middle of nowhere. Much better to spend a few bucks at the shop in the warm daylight and know that you solved it for good.

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