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104 Head Gaskey HELP

Hello To All. Too my 1997 C280 to the shop today to check on a famous oil seap coming from the motor. The car has 87000 miles on it and had the head gasket replaced at 63000. The dealer cleaned the engine, drove it, and couldn't see any visible leaks. They put on dye in the engine and told me to come back in a week and they would use a "black light" to see where the oil is coming from!

I guess that I'm very upset of the possibility of having to replace the head gasket (if that's the problem) probably under my $$$ not Mercedes this time and having to worry about the possibility if I do have to replace it that in 24000 miles it's time for a new one.

Please let me know what the other possibilities where the oil could be coming from. Thanks!

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