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After reading that article I have questions.

The vacuum tubing needs a check valve, where and how do I get this.

The lights I asuume are joing by a T fitting then they go to the switch. The vacuum line itself is also t split and one end goes to the orginial vacuum source and the other goes to the switch.

I think I rememebr seeing mine have 3 vacuum points on the switch. is one unused or is it some kind of pass through connection?

I hope to do this soon. As far as rewiring with relays, I see no reason to, with standard 55w bulbs the output is amazing. I can't imagine needing an 80w or 100w bulb at all.

As soon as get this figured out I'll add it to my euro light install DIY article I am writing, which should hopefully explain a bit more clearer what to do for the relays. Lights are simple as can be to remove and install, its pretty mucha no brianer, and the switch wiring is no biggie either. I also found a great way to hook up the city lights using some connector insides which have an opening the exact size needed for the headlight pin itself, and fits right in the socket easily and perfectly.

Jumping the wire over I used these same connectors soldered onto the wires. This makes it much nicer. Its hard to attach to the parking lights witht he limited space, so if you could unwrap the parking light harness to get more leverage on it, it would be much easier. I'll be cleaning mine up soon, as I wired the city lights in about 10 minutes.

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