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You are welcome Henry! BUT -T-T-T-T -- don't rest easy yet! I was fooled on mine. Wait a week or two and I will bet my bottom dollar that it will start to miss again - in say about 100 - 200 miles. The injector cleaner cleaned the injectors and the idle is good - unless you replace the fuel lines or put in that second filter - the dirt will again build up in the injectors and you will be cursing - wondering what went wrong! If you put the filter in NOW and add a little more injector cleaner to the gas when you have the filter installed - then I will agree that you have the problem licked! Look at the bright side - It cost me over a $1000 dollars and two years of trying things to get rid of that gremlin! - You got it resolved in less than two weeks!!! CONGRATULATIONS!!!
PS - by the way - I have a new gremlin on mine - thought I had it fixed but I don't. Last year I drove my car to my mechanic friend's house and shut it off and was talking to him beside the car when this big plume of white smoke came pouring out from under the hood. The smoke came from the rear of the passenger side of the engine. When we had the hood up - we saw oil was dripping onto the back of the exhaust manifold. Looked like a valve cover gasket leaking. Ordered a new valve cover gasket and put it in - only AFTER the engine reaches operating temperature does the smoking start again but not as bad and gets worse when you make a left hand turn. Just looked at it again last month - took the valve cover off and cleaned the sealing surface of the head - checked the valve cover for warping and replaced the gasket again - I wiped off the residual oil from the manifold and started the car up - when the rest of the oil had burned off I shut the engine off. I started it the next day and brought it to operating temperature - no leak! Success - NOT. Everytime I take a left turn the smell of burning oil permeates the inside of the car - straight driving - nothing. I looked at the rear of the valve cover and again it was wet with a little oil. Frustrated - I loosened the valve cover and pushed up towards the fuel distributor on it and pushed it towards the front of the car - then tightened it. Thinking that I would get a better seal at the rear. No Luck. Right now I am down to only one thing. The valve cover gasket that was on the car and worked for 2 years before the smoke and the replacement one my mechanic friend got me were aftermarket. I notice that on the sealing edge of the gasket that it flat and about 3/8" wide and near the outer edge there is a slight raised round bead on the gasket that looks like it squashes down as you tighten the valve cover to give an extra secure seal. I am trying to find out if the Mercedes orginal gasket has two raised beads - one near the outside and one near the inside which should give a better seal. When I get to the bottom of it I will let you know. When it happens - the white smoke scares the devil out of you! Keep an eye out for this one. The smiling faces are for the top part of this post - could not figure out how to put them there so they are here!!
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