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Oh, @#$%. Steering gear box removal on a 107

Trying to replace the completely worn out steering coupler on a '75 450SL. The rubber bushings are completely gone, the steering wheel is sloppy.

Got the 6mm allen head screw out on the steering wheel shaft with little problem. Was able to get to it by removing the cover at the base of the steering column and applying PB Blaster liberally. A sharp twist, and it was loose.

Now to get the one on the gear box. No such luck. Had to get to it from underneath the car, but the damn allen head screw rounded out with out moving the bolt. I think I have to drop the gear box to get to that one and get creative with an Easy-Out and/or Vice Grips, if not a drill press.

Does anyone have any suggestions or tips before I go in there? I'm pretty sure I have to get the Pittman arm off the gear box, at least. Do I have to get the tie rods loose as well? I just don't want to have to buy too many tools that I won't use again.

Does anyone have the thread pitch and size for the bolt I need to make the gearbox immobilizer tool with?

Any help greatly appreciated.

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