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You are very luck that you striped the one on the box side so you can take it out and work on it.

Remove the steering gearbox with the pitman arm installed. The pitman arm is very difficult to remove, and you dont need to remove it to replace the steering coupler. However once you have the box out it would be a good idea to replace the input and output seals. The output seal is the one that usually leaks and will require removal of the pitman arm.

The trick to pitman arm removal is a really good pitman arm puller "Snap-On = $120.00" or like I did with a cheep puller and PB blaster and a few days of tightening and whacking with a large hammer.

When you are ready to put it back in buy 2 new coupler screws from your MB dealer. These replacement ones will be torx head and will not strip.
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