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Seat Switches

Any one know the operation of seat back release switches for a 1974 280c? The seats are out of the car for repair. When I removed them I discovered that there are vacuum solenoids under the seat which operate the release catches so you can fold the seatbacks forward to gain entry to the rear seats. There is a button on each side of the rear side panel that must operate the solenoid. Is there an electrical solenoid in the engine compartment that opens when these switches are pressed? Is vacuum supplied by a running engine, or is there an accumulator somewhere? Does anyone know where I can obtain parts for these mechanisms? The vacuum solenoid diaphrams are split and dry rotted, and when I press the activation buttons, no vacuum is presenet at the hoses. Any help would be appreciated as I cannot fold the seatbacks forward without a great deal of trouble manually unlatching each side

Paul Varrieur
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