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Unfortunately, it's the bolt closest to the gearbox. The one you can't really see from inside the car.

If I could figure a way to get an Easy-Out of the appropriate diameter and length, about 18 inches long, I might be able to do it from underneath without dropping the gearbox. My life doesn't work that way.

If I don't have to pull the Pittman arm, I can just pull the drag link at the 'outer' end,right? Do I need special tools to separate the end on that? Or would a set of those Harbor Freight tie rod removers be in order (not the pickle fork)?

I've got tie rods, drag link, and steering damper already, as I'm accumulating parts gradually before I take it in for the subframe recall. I figure I can get the same parts online for less than the dealership would charge.

Any and all help is greatly appreciated. I will go in to the dealership for both new coupler bolts, though. I have a source for the other bolts needed, like the mounting bolts and the one I need to make the immobiliser. How long does the bolt for that have to be? How far inside the gearbox does it have to go?

If that one bolt had not rounded out, this would have been a nice job, but noooo

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