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My sympathies, twice...
I had a 1984 5000S, and it was a reliability nightmare. Most expensive car I have ever operated.
It seemed to get 'old before its time' with many major components failing that simply should last far longer. In the end, it wore ME out, and I donated it to charity at just 95K miles. It had little residual value due to severe depreciation. That whole "unintended acceleration" thing was quietly disclosed to be a complete farce years later, but it almost put Audi out of the US marketplace.

Problem areas:
-Steering racks every 30K ($$$)
-Steering hoses burst ($100 hose-twice in 90k)
-Exhaust manifolds warp and break studs (major effort to fix)
-Severe oil leaks around valve cover twice(really messy, but easy permanent fix with improved aftermarket gasket)
-Door handles (you can buy them in six-packs! What does that say?)
-AC nightmares $$$, just forget it...but of course you can't just get fresh outside air!
-Every front suspension components that moves (toast at just 70K $$$)
-Sunroof leaked from day 1 (not enough drainage capacity and easily clogs- never resolved- parking with nose downhill helps).
-Clutch master & slave @ 70K (5-speed)
-Brake master @ 75k
-Front bearings/CV joints @70k ($$$-big job)
-Rear bearings @80k (easy job)
-Parts even more expensive than MB (if you can imagine that!)

Design Problems:
- Footwells get brutally hot (see broken AC)
- Really heavy clutch, even for Germans
- Heavy flywheel=slow-revving
- Lacked low-end power (ok at speed)

Most comfortable seats ever!
Wide and spacious cabin with really nice storage shelves in footwells
Comfortable and spacious rear seating too with serious legroom
Great handling (with upgrade to bigger tires and stiffer shocks)
Quiet and solid at speed
Really great traction in snow even with 2wd (engine is FORWARD of front axle)
Solid body integrity, tough paint, and impervious to rust
Big trunk with 'ski passthrough'
Not one problem with motor operation, drivetrain, or electricals
Fantastic Shop manuals from Bentley!

Too bad about the reliability. Could've been a contender...
You will want to get to know Blaufergnügen.

Good luck.
1986 300E 5-Speed 240k mi.
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