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Of course I have it up on stands. I'm too old and fat to get under one of these things without them. Imagine if you will... A roughly cylidrical opening about 3 inches diameter and about 12 inches long. At the top is the coupler: easy to see, but only reachable with LONG tools. My hands are HUGE, I have to use the XLarge nitrile gloves, and they are stretched, so getting in there to work on it is going to be ...problematical...

I wonder if those bolt/nut removers come in a size sufficient to drive on and turn? I'll have to look, it seems a possibility. If I hit it with PB Blaster for a couple days, I just might get lucky. I'll check out my local NAPA store, There's a guy there that has helped me with other stuff before on the '55 Pontiac.

I just hope I can get to there tomorrow, I've put some long days in at work this week so far.

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