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Yeh!!! 190E almost runs perfect

Finally, thanks to much assistance from the gurus here, my 1985 190e is almost running perfect. I say almost only because I do not have an exhaust analyzer, so all my engine tweeking is by ear and simple tools (adjustable timing light, dwell & tach meter, and VOM). I will take it to a professional to be fine tuned. I have a question before I take it though... there is vent on the drivers side of the valve cover that has a rubber hose that attaches between the valve cover and the air breather and the auxilary air device. This vent seems to exhaust a lot oiled air. Is that normal? I thought I had a bad fuel pressure regulator (vacuum unit) because there was fluid in the vacuum tube, but it turns out it is oil and is getting there from this rubber hose. Am I missing something in the valve cover or what? All help, as usual, is much appreciated. Thanks again guys.
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