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The story so far.... The external extractor won't work. No clearance outside to get it on. One of the internal types won't go in. One is too small, the next too big. Found one with a more conical shape and got it in and set. Gave it a good sharp twist and the damn thing breaks off in the hole.

Now in the process of taking out the gearbox to get up close and personal with this bolt. Of course, the parts guy at the store gave me the wrong thread pitch for the immobilizer bolt, so I have to go back in the morning. I was able to get the gearbox bolts broken loose with an impact socket and a 20 inch breaker bar (leverage is nice) though.

Going back under there in the morning. This time I'll wear my lucky mechanicing shirt, if it hasn't crawled off too far.

Not enough hands for the camera, yet, so maybe pics later.

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