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Wrap Up

Just to let y'all know my car is running now. After Roadside Assistance came and told me I needed a $275 battery (it's the only one for my car) I finally, after the 3rd time of asking, got him to jump the car. He told me for the 3rd time that they would not come again to assist me since they had been once. So if he jumped it and it died again.. he would not come! That was a relief to me.. I don't want him or anyone else at Continental Imports touching my car.. a battery for $275? and he can sleep at night?

Went to Ron's European and bought an Interstate Battery from him ($112). He gave me estimates for the other work I need under the hood.

Yes the motor mounts are the problem at low idle! I need a new alternator (disappointing because the alternator is not that old). need new switch for aux fan and some more stuff. So, when I get some money I'll start fixing things. thanks to everyone for responding about my problems!
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