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Hi Henry - at the end of your journey I will wager that your problem will be gone! Just wish I had thought of the filter before I changed my fuel lines - would have been a lot cheaper and a lot less hassle!! By the way - on a different topic - how are your door handles? Light faded gray that makes your car look old? Don't Laugh at what I am going to tell you - my wife did -but it works!! I read on this site last year that guys were putting peanut butter on their handles and rubbing it in and letting it sit awhile before rubbing it off and it brought the handles back to the nice dark gray they should be. Well - with my wife laughing her head off - I smeared peanut butter on my handles. Let me tell you - it has been 2 months and they still look new!!! Sometimes the stupidest simplist things work best! If you do it - do it in private or be prepared to be the butt of many jokes
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