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Maurice -

The fuel filter is in. No leaks. Let's see how she holds up.

I think it was more preventative than anything, because I do think it could be more related to a switch or sensor at this point. Otherwise she'd be rough in "D" with the AC on - now she is only rough when warm and in "P" or "N".

I ordered the special diagnostic cable you can put on the various components, such as the idle air valve. It was US$ 28 something or another from Samstag Sales. I thought it might be a worthwhile investment for diagnosing components and working along the diagnostic flowchart using a multimeter. Being German and actually from the town the car was built in, I have this thing about following the book...

But all this can wait, because at least she now behaves when I'm at a red traffic light, and I am really beginning to enjoy the car.

I am now busy botteling peanut butter into spraycans....
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