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Michael B
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Oil Gage & RPM Gage Dead

I replaced the lights on my '88 260e. I put the instrument panel back inside the dash and everything worked. I took it off again to clean the plastic... and this time when I put it back in the dash, the oil gage and RPM gage don't work unless I push the cluster in "half-way."

What are the contact points for the dash? I've "pushed all the wires around" to make sure there's not one that's loose. All of them are fine. But when I push the instrument cluster back into the dash... the oil and rpm gage don't work. If I leave it halfway out... they work fine.

Is there a piece of metal or a clip that the back of the instrument cluster has to touch (to ground?) so these two gages work? This is really driving me crazy.

Please let me know... my wrists are completely rubbed raw from all the "gymnastics" involved.

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