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'96 c280 Questions for an expert

i have a '96 C280 and when i first got it, 2 months ago, i released the headrests... it worked fine... then I had the head gasket replaced and every since the headrests wont go back down by using the switch in the center console... i have also noticed that the trunk will not release with the center switch... i am assuming that this is a vacuum valve problem as i have been reading but I hear a clicking sound when i press both of these buttons so i am assuming that the vaccum valve is operational. however i still have not been able to figure this out. i am a new comer to the world of mercedes and would love to be able to fix this problem im having... i also have a random electrical problem that may or not be related to this... about once every 10 times i get in my car the auto down function on my windows don't work... the next time i restart the car everything is fine... its not a big deal but it does seem a little weird.... not to mention sometimes my rpms jump while i am sitting still in drive or reverse... if i take my foot of the brake the starts jolting forward or backward, depending whether in D or R. This also does not happen all the time but i am thinking something is up, maybe spark plugs or dirty fuel filter, or whatever... i know this is alot but i love this car and am a perfectionist... my last thing is that i once got all the windows to come down by using the remote... i havent been able to duplicate this with any of the combonations of hitting the button, anyone know what does it, or it could be screwed up due to the rest of these problems... one last thing i just remembered, i checked the fuse box in the trunk and it has ALOT of empy slots for fuses, but i couldnt find what each slot was for anywhere, checked the manual and everything... i am assuming that the paper that is usually on the fusebox lid is gone....

thanks for everyones help, this forum is the best MB one on the web, other ones take forever to respond and usually they have nothing to do with the car.

PS: where can i get my hands on a 96 C280 service CD Rom that i have read so much about on this forum... hopefully you guys can help me out, its hard to see with those damn headrests up all the time
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