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Question Help: Rattle coming from interior panel or rear door


Over a few weeks I have noticed a rattle coming from the interior panel of the rear door.

You know how tha door has a hard panel then there is the soft leather portion in the middle part of the door? Well it seems when I tap that area it doesn't feel solid like on the other doors. When I tap that area there is a hallow empty type of sound.

I tried to take off the whole door panel but I can't for the life of me figure it out. I have searched prior posts but must be over looking something.

Here is what I was able to do.
1) take apart the whole plastic area where the door handle and window adjust was.
2) take off of the plastic end piece by the door lock area...towards the end of the door
3) remove the knob of the door lock
4) remove this 10mm screw that attaches the arm rest

From what I've read I'm supposed to just lift up and slide out but this panel is for sure not moving in any way.

The area the rattle comes from is this:

(Looking @ the door from inside the car) rear right

On that real soft part middle part of the door. Not the whole piece but towards the front middle area. I was able to kind of pry that area away from the door panel itself. I guess there is some sort of clips that holds that soft leather part to the main door panel. Is there a way to secure that area without taking apart the door? I have no idea how to take off the door panel so that was my next idea.

Can anyone explain how to remove the door panel (step by step with pics preferably) or how to secure that interior piece?

Thanks for any info and/or insight


PS Sorry about the post being long...I wanted to give everyone all the info I had dealing with this.
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