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No you don't! The bar stays in place. It is held on both sides by a simple U shaped metal cap. Each cap is attached to the body by two bolts. Remove the two bolts on each cap and the sway bar will fall away enought to remove the metal cap. The bushing is rubber (sits within the cap to isolate noise) and has a split in it. Open the split and it can be easily pulled away from the sway bar.

Before replacing the rubber bushing be sure to clean the sway bar on and around where the bushing sits on the sway bar. It is common to get grit and dirt on the inside of the new rubber bushing and that will accelerate the new bushng wear. This is a very easy thing to do. If you have enough clearance, you might not even have to jack you car up!

The front sway bar is a whole other story. In order to replace these you've got a lot of work ahead of you. It isn't so technical it is just you have to find access to the bushngs.

Do a search on this site, there have been many posts about it.

Hope this helps.
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