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No problem! No hurry.

Have you tried to see if your pump stops prior to engine stalls? I stood outside my 300E while somebody started it. Listened to the pump hiss from the rear wheel - and sure enough - it would stop briefly for a second maybe once, twice and then completely...followed by engine stall 2-3 seconds later.

This was my faulty relay indications.

On fixes... well don't have any good ones. I would have tried to locate the relay that turns on the pump and "hot wired" it to the ignition II position to buy some time. That's how I did it on my car. Until I can troubleshoot any missing tacho-signal and/or replace the pump relay. I might continue to use this "hack" as I don't need the high-rev cutout feature, or the cold-start valve thing.... right now. I might build and post schematics for an replacement fuel pump relay with cold-start features later
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