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I got a price for a rebuilt engine, but not used .

So here is my reason for this info.... My bro's 1994 Honda Prelude 4 cylinder V-tech needed a rebuilt with 120K miles... He is an idiot b/c he never serviced the engine (ie: no oil changes, yes NO oil changes for the last 20K-40K miles b/c he said it leaked oil so he would put a quart in every once in a while; didn't change the timing belt when required (30K miles ago) so it snapped....overheated and blew a head gasket which is what caused his pistons/rings to screw up)...

Well they are charging him $3K to rebuild the bottom end (ie: new pistons/rings, oh and whatever they need to do to the head at the machine shop).

OR a used engine about $1,500 plus labor....and how much was the mb rebuilt? $3K for a rebuilt engine....sound cheaper for the MB if it is a complete rebuild on the MB being sold on your link.


I think my OWN brother has helped me decide....
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