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Multitude of small annoyances

Have a 1994 C280 with 77000 miles. The air conditioning has been doing strange things of late. Sometimes when it seems hot in the car the airflow will be so-so. Then out of the blue airflow will increase. Once there was hot air coming out the right dash outlet and cold out of the rest. Can't get air of any kind to come out at our feet.

Periodically the speedometer will stick on zero. Will respond to a finger thump to the instrument cluster glass. My repairman sez there is a bulletin out on this, something about moisture, but on checking he found no moisture at the proposed trouble spot. Also the light behind the clock is out. Is the instrument cluster difficult to get into? Tools necessary? Cost?

Almost forgot. How often do you replace the cabin filter. How does one get to the cabin filter?

I really like this car but the subject header says it all.
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