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I changed the tranny filter and fluid and found it had tunred to a burnt brownish red color. It wasnt too hard to do my self, only took 3 tools, 13mm socket,metric allem wrench and a phillips screwdriver. the fluid change has made the tranny a lot smoother shifting wise. On a good note finally with this car the bottom of the tranny pan was practically imaculate there was onlt a very light thin film of some sort of black stuff and absolutely no metal what so ever the black stuff came off with no effort infact just a light finger touch removed it. I still have a clunk after the shift but its not from the tranny so im gonna be changing the diff oil/lube soon. Any info on what i should replace it with would be great. I did have one little problem with te fluid change but it was my fault, I overfilled the tranny and had to remove about a quart thru the dipstick tube. not owning a topsider made this quite tedious. After having to take out the fluid the hard way, with a bulb pump, im gonna be making my own version of a topsider. If it works out well Ill pass around my plans for it here for anyone interested.

Thanks for all the help

190e 2.3L
107000 miles

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