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I can no longer remember if the shroud will slip over both the fan blade and viscous clutch. If not, remove the fan blade that is held in place by 4 10mm hex head bolts. This is not difficult to do. If you have to also remove the viscous fan clutch this is much more of a challenge. If you go this far you might as well check the serpentine belt and belt tensioner for possible replacement. The viscous clutch is held in place by one allen head bolt located at the center of the clutch. I can't remember the size. The trick to removing this bolt is to "lock" the water pump pulley in place to prevent it from turning. There are two small holes in the water pump flange that the clutch attaches to (on the rear side closest to the engine). You lock the pump in place by positioning a fabricated metal rod (about 5 mm in diameter) into one of the holes with the other end braced against the water pump housing. There is a special tool for this but I think most who have done this job are able to fabricate something. The bolt is tightened to 40 Nm torque and so the pump must be held well in place in order to break the bolt lose and conversely to retighten.
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