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Originally posted by Holson Adi
Since the fog light bulb is H3. Why don't you try the expensive PIAA Ion Crystal H3 bulbs? I am thinking of getting them.

Not sure how they'd look though.
I have the PIAA Ion Crystal. They are wonderful!!!

When the emitted light passes through the bulb's glass at a normal angle (perpendicular to the surface), it emits a brilliant yellow light. At angles other than normal, the light is bluish-white.

The effect on your foglamp beam is that in the middle of the beam, it is bright yellow, and in the fringes (especially visible at the top and bottom of the projected beam), it is bluish-white (though less blue than HIDs).

This means that when your beam is aimed properly, the oncoming drivers see the bluish-white part of the beam, which makes it a good DRL lamp (my car does not have DRLs).
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