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350 SDL Injector Pump Damaged By Mechanic?

I have a 350 SDL and had the seals on top of the pump to the injector lines replaced by a mechanic. When I go the car back it had a rough idle.

Another mechanic has looked at the problem and concluded that the first mechanic probably damged one or more of the pins in the openings in the top of the pump where the seals were installed.

The rough idle (actually more of a dead miss) goes away at about 1200 RPM and it runs fine otherwise.

Mechanic says pump has to be rebuilt to cure the problem as there is no known source for the pins alone. If a pump rebuilding shop can get the pins why can't we?

Does anyone know of a source for the pins in question or a possible alternative cure for the rough idle, all of the obvious has been checked out.

Thank you.
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