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Fuel Pump and Pump Relay Location

To: Mr. C Snow:

Thanks for the suggestios, but my son cannot locate his manual for the 300E. I could trace the location of the fuel pump, but it would help if you can tell me where the fuel pump is physically located on the car.

I had an interesting development yesterday - my son managed to start the car and had it adling pretty fast to keep it running. He called me because there was lots of smoke coming out of the engine compartment while the car was running. I tried to locate the source of the smoke and it seemed to be coming from a canister (looked like an oil filter) located next to the accelerator linkage just to the right of the air filter on the drivers side. I told him to turn the car off until I could find the source of the smoke. Subsequent attempts to start the car later produced nothing. The car always tried to start before this incident and conked out. After the smoke cleared, the car would not attempt to start at all. I looked underneath the car when it was smoking and after the car was turned off and there was nothing on the ground. I am puzzled as to what was smoking. What do you think is going on?

I ordered a new fuel filter and plan to install it today. After I do that, I will check all connections and then attempt to start the car.

Your comments please.

Marvin Smith
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