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Steve - didn't intend to make you angry. My remarks were intended for those "mechanics" who don't know what they are doing on a car - but try it anyway without knowing proper procedures causing problems - NOT PROFESSIONALS - LIKE YOUR SHOP. The post said "When I go the car back it had a rough idle." If the FACTS are TRUE then I stand by my post. Would your shop have ever let a car out with a rough idle? Not only do I doubt it - I think you would lose sleep if something like that happened in your shop, unless, of course you noticed the rough idle problem and made the customer aware of it and he decided not to proceed. If your staff damaged a part accidently or otherwise and did not fix it at no charge to the customer you'd jump out of your skin first. Professionals like yourself are highly trained and treat customer's cars like you would your own. But hey - we are all human and things happen accidentally - and that is when a real mechanic will stand behind what he did. I AM NOT advocating making the guy pay for something he did not do. If the customer had another problem immediately after and it was something the mechanic did not touch - the CUSTOMER should pay for the additional work.If the original "mechanic" damaged the pump - HE should pay. If not - the legal system should be used to resolve the problem. Please don't take my post wrong - I was not attacking Mechanics - I was attacking "mechanics" - and they are out there and sometimes the legal system is the only way to deal with them. A Pro does the work and deserves to get paid a fair price for the work and the customer deserves a quality job for his money. My humblest apologies if I offended you - It was not intended or implied.
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