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Hey everyone, I think I figured out what works 99.99%

I was replacing my oil cooler lines on my 220D and it was very messy and got black gold all over my arms and pretty much all over (I was wearing gloves)... I normally use dishsoap and the spots fade but don't go 100% away...

I decided they needed to come off now though because I don't want to look all nasty for the So Cal GTG tomorrow.. So I used "Joy Ultra Concentrated Dishwashing liquid" and what looks like a horse hair scrubbing brush.. It worked like a charm and took EVERYTHING off and I didn't even have to scrub hard... I say 99.99% because it didn't take it out between the lines on the tips on my fingers but it took off everything else with ease...

It worked perfectly for me and it looks like i've never been exposed to diesel oil before.. Awesome

And no I didn't need to use that much of the bottle, everyone had used it already for dishes lol
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